A French woman and personal life coach's outlook on self-confidence, communication and relationships. How to gain and manage them to get what and who you deserve.

About Dot Rose

Dot Rose, the author

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE BLOG HAS MOVED TO : http://relationshiptranslator.wordpress.com

Beside a career in the art, media and communication, I’ve learned psychology at the Sorbonne University in Paris.
As a host or co-host of several international support groups and forums, I’ve helped many, men and women, regain their self-confidence, learn how to understand the other person and communicate in such a way that they were heard, appreciated, and eventually got what they wanted.
Maybe because I have experienced and overcome more hardships than the average, people easily turn to me for advice. Considering my background, how to help them out comes naturally to me. I could see that my own personal style, realistic, pragmatic, honest and clear, yet genuinely respecting of people, worked.
I can read people, even at a distance, thus understand them better and give more personalized and proper advice. I don’t tell them what they want to hear, but what they NEED to hear. That makes the difference, according to them.

So that more could benefit from my experience, communication skills and tips, I officially became a personal life coach in 2002.
As a pioneer in online dating – I started 20 years ago when it was still very confidential – , through my coaching practice and during my travels over the world, particularly to the USA and Australia, I’ve talked with hundreds of men and women from all backgrounds, nationalities and cultures.
I’ve found out, despite the cultural differences, all men actually seek and appreciate similar traits in a woman. I could see the famous French “je ne sais quoi” is quite actual. According to them, French ladies have a “special something” you can’t define, an attractive way to carry themselves and behave with men they thought was innate. As a French woman myself, I can tell you it is not, every woman can learn it. :)

Originally from Paris, I chose to move to the sunny South of France. I’m the happy mother of two successful daughters.

During the last two years, I’ve taken a break from official coaching to devote my time to my painting. I may go back to it in the near future though. :)


Comments on: "About Dot Rose" (5)

  1. Florence said:

    What a wonderful idea to share your experience with us ! You have helped me a lot in the past in dealing with relationships. Now that I’m happily married and the mother of a wonderful baby boy, I would like to thank you again for your support. No doubt your advices will be extremely valuable to women all over the world.



  2. Lyona said:

    Dot, I love your blog-Thank you!
    The video and your thoughts about “pretty” are awesome. Yeap…There are myths to overcome, which had been blended through TV, media etc. Not only in USA -Russia as well.
    The woman that been inspiration to me – Coco Chanel (here we come ;) French :) She was not that “typical pretty”. And look how she impacted the world, the society!
    Self confidence is definitely the necessary ingredient in ““je ne sais quoi”

    Talk to you later:)

  3. @ Florence : Thank you so much for the nice feedback and encouragement ! I’m glad you’ve found your match and your little boy, I know, is the cuttest. :)

    My purpose is sure to help. You never know when you write who is going to read, It is difficult to weight up the impact of your words, particularly on the Internet. Feedback is always most welcome, as well as suggestions of topics any of my readers would like me to talk about, BTW. :)

  4. Michael said:

    Thank you Dot. Your assistance has been invaluable to me. My life has not just turned around, I now control its course.
    In this fast paced ‘take-away’ society we find ourselves, it is such a delight to hear true wisdom. Wisdom based on life itself. Experiences, lessons, failings and successes. And not just empty regurgitations of the latest ‘mentoring’ fads.
    You sit atop my ‘favourites’ list. Where you will stay.
    (Michael Stanton CEO, Koala Companions Ltd ; Brisbane, Australia)

  5. Thank you Michael. :) I’ve recieved the copy of your book you’ve sent me. Thank you so much for the lovely dedication. It touched me a lot !
    Wishing you and it all the success you deserve. :)

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