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Yet another proof, in my opinion, the better you have come to terms with yourself and can shamelessly flaunt it, the better outcome you will get. Your flaws are actually your assets. They make you stand out. The most successful women are those who stand out. You love them or you hate them, they leave nobody indifferent though. They won’t be ignored, therefore will get the most valuable messages and contacts from really interested men than the “just cute” ones.

The article below demonstrates, from objective data, that :
– the more men as groups disagree about a women’s look, the more they end up liking her.
– guys tend to ignore girls who are merely cute.
– and, in fact, having some men think she’s ugly actually works in woman’s favor.

Curious to know why and to catch a glimpse of how the man’s brain works sometimes? Read below… ;)

What the public criticizes in you, cultivate. It is you.” (Jean Cocteau)


Your thoughts ? :)


Comments on: "Why to be stunningly hot or ugly can be your best bet" (7)

  1. Haha very interesting. I wonder whether it works the same the other way round ?

    • Good question ! :D I don’ t know. I would think that women pay more attention to the whole package than to the sole pictures. Though now that I come to think of it, they may well react in similar ways, although for different reasons.
      Is the average ever appealing ? I wonder…

      What are your opinions, ladies ?

      • Rodrigo said:

        Well certainly I’m not a lady…LOL…Even though, I would like to share a little experience I had a couple of months ago related with picture’s profile and how some people react to that.
        Well everything started with a game between FB’s friends in wich you should changed your picture’s profile for another one linked to a cartoon’s characters of your childhood. I remember been picked up one of an ape. Untill that, everything was perfectly O.K….but then, I realized that the people (not contacts) who used to play with me a FB game suddenly dissapeared from my garden…it wasn’t untill I put it back a picture of me again, that all those females returned.
        So certainly both,males and females react in a similar way to pictures profiles. Mind you, that I’m not a good looking guy…well, probably a better catch-eye than “Simon the ape”…ROFL

  2. LOL It is always great and very interesting to get men’s feedback on any topic, Rodrigo. Actually, I would love to get it from both genders. It would be a great way to open discussions and hopefully to help understand one another better, don’t you think ?
    So thank you for posting your little story. :)

    Although FB is not exactly a dating website per se, they certainly have similarities.
    I guess those ladies changed their minds because they wanted to see a photo of YOU, not some meaningless avi.

    And, I disagree, you’re a good-looking guy and I can remember amazing photos of you. :)

    IMO, the bottom line of the article is : whatever way, stand out ! Don’t let yourself be just average and merge in the crowd. You need to provoke strong feelings and reactions to get strong results. Don’t be afraid to assert yourself and flaunt who you are.

    Which somehow is reassuring. Everybody has got his chance, provided he has come to terms with himself (man or woman).

    What do you think ?

    • Rodrigo said:

      I agree with you. In my personal case at least, I would rather date/meet someone interesting and far away from the average, than the typical “barbie-doll”.

      I think that one of the big prolems we have to deal with nowadays is ladies (and to be fair, guys) just want to be exactly like these “dolls”, probably just because advertising has told them to be that way if they want to success in life…Sad, because that put to a lot of stress in people and produce low selfsteem in women and men alike.

      I remeber that when I was in the university, the people that used to writte, play some instrument and so forth, used to be the more attractives and the most dated, and the “cute ones” been the most loners and less dated.

      • Have you read the post about “pretty” Rod ? It is what it is exactly about… People (women, but now, right, men too) trying to fit the image the society conveys as being the “right” one to succeed, in whatever field. When actually, what will make you stand out and really succeed is to be your true self. Because you’re unique. What makes you, you, flaunt it. Your specificity is your best asset. If you try to erase it, then you will become anonymous, lost in the crowd of the just “cute” ones, like any stereotype.

  3. Rodrigo said:

    Hola! Of course I did. That’s why I was giving you my two cents. I wish I could be able to read something like that a couple of years ago…but, well, neither too late to realize nor to learn something new.
    Thanks a lot for the link and comments!

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