A French woman and personal life coach's outlook on self-confidence, communication and relationships. How to gain and manage them to get what and who you deserve.

Audrey Hepburn & Grace Kelly

I guess we all, women, appreciate men to treat us like ladies. Actually most, particularly in the USA, from what I’ve seen, simply expect it as a given.
While French women too like it, most believe to get it, they must behave ladylike first. Plus, they know it is an efficient way to attract men and win them over.
This, too, is part of the “je ne sais quoi”. :)

Please, carefully listen to the lyrics of the famous song below. A man tells you who he considers a lady and how she makes him feel. :)

A lady is clearly conscious of her self-worth, so doesn’t need to throw who she is at everybody’s face nor to flaunt any of her qualities, physical assets or achievements. This could only show latent insecurities or presumptuousness, both are not of a lady. A lady is humble and discrete because she can afford it. No risk for her to go unnoticed and she knows it. ;)

She is genuinely respectful, caring and well-mannered. Well-mannered means she knows how to appropriately behave and react under any circumstance.
It is easy, provided you keep in mind to put others’ comfort before yours.

Show equal consideration to everybody, regardless of their social status, appearance, intelligence and culture, etc…
Manage for the other person to feel great and valuable, comfortable and at ease and don’t embarrass him in any way, even less make him feel inadequate.
Don’t criticize, despise or even only look annoyed, particularly in public. Compliments and appreciation will lead you further than criticism and complaints so subtly and discretely help if needed, just to show you care, not more.

Should you wish something specific, don’t demand. Suggest or graciously ask. Take no service for granted, thus never forget to give smiling thanks for whatever is done for you, even minor things.

Remains calm, unruffled and pleasant whatever the circumstances. Not because you’re a wallflower, but because you can adapt with ease and without complaining. Don’t sound harsh, and weight your words up before you speak.
A true lady is also a positive, indulgent person who can see humor in the worst situations, avoid dramas and knows how to lighten up the mood.

Others, particularly men, highly appreciate that. It is not that common they would take it for granted. What a refreshing change from what they too often experience! :D
An easy way for you to score points and attract them even more. ;)
They won’t consider you less than who you are: it will be the opposite. Your attitude will give them room to be themselves and boost their self-confidence. It will take nothing off of you, will bring a lot to them though, consequently to you, for they will feel like pleasing you and up to it.

A true lady doesn’t compete with men on their ground. She has her own specific assets and uses them. Therefore men feel safe with her because neither do they feel belittled nor threatened.
To behave like a real lady will bring you gratefulness, respect, appreciation and even admiration from them. This will make you utmost attractive in the eyes of many and, even better, they will like you for who you are, not only for what you look. And, who knows… even love you ? :)
For, as the song says : “What she’s got is hard to find, and I don’t want to lose her”. :)


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