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How to set an attractive dating online profile ?

As a women, you’ll probably get many answers whatsoever. How does it sound though to waste your time hitting the delete button, or, worse, discuss with somebody who doesn’t match what you look for ?
As a man, you will probably seek to get answers to your email and messages and make a point in not systematically ending on the discard pile, right ?

There are steps to follow and mistakes not to make to fill out an attractive and efficient profile. An efficient profile is the one which will incite quality people matching your requirements to contact you.

Browse and read a few profiles first. Of both men and women. It will help you see where you stand and what those you’re attracted to are looking for. Plus you can always pick a few good ideas along the way.

To set an efficient profile, you may :
#1 precisely define and know who you want to attract
#2 know what may attract those persons, what they seek
#3 be aware of your assets and flaws to be able to keep your expectations realistic, enhance the positive, minor the negative (I don’t mean “lie”, OK ? ;))
#4 put yourself in your target’s shoes, so that you can use convincing and appealing arguments to him (her), in other words talk a talk they will understand and appreciate (this is worth for photos as well).

There is more, but these are the basics.

I shall post more tips as the blog goes. Stay tuned ! ;)


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  1. […] of course you’d better choose the right bait to catch the right fish (please see : https://getthefrenchtouch.wordpress.com/2010/12/04/first-steps-to-settting-an-efficient-on-line-profi…), a few elements will prevent you from jeopardizing your chances to attract somebody […]

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